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Mobile Marketing, say what?

Each year needs its trends. As for marketing there lately is a lot of attention directed towards mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing provides new, unknown possibilities for marketeers. Yet we often receive questions about what Mobile Marketing actually is. This article tries to offer some clarification.

Mobile Marketing can be defined as the use of marketing communication techniques via mobile phones. This involves the use of several information carriers: SMS and MMS, voice messages and mobile internet sites. Mobile Marketing can furthermore be divided into following subcategories.

Mobile Advertising: communicating non personalised messages or advertisements on mobile phones. This form of marketing is still in an early stage. In Belgium for example, it recently became possible to place banners at Mobistar on PlazZza. Internationally the first providers of paid search and sponsored links are appearing. AdMob for example has quickly grown into a worldwide mobile advertising network.

Mobile Direct Marketing: this comprises techniques that allow to deliver personalised messages or promotions individually to clients or prospects on their mobile phones. SMS and MMS mailings are the most often used. Managers of clubs often send their customers a SMS message to invite them to special events. Also the mobile operators and the sellers of mobile content such as ring tones or games are increasingly using this marketing method. It is important to notice that the explicit permission, given in advance, of the customer (opt-in) is required.

Mobile Interactive Marketing: the mobile phone is the perfect tool to receive response to a promotional campaign and consequently build up an interactive relation with your consumer. Techniques as SMS&Win, SMS-to-mail and SMS-to-WAP are on the rise. Response rates are usually higher than expected. In this regard, the recent launch of PlazZza offers the marketeer unique and rather low-cost possibilities. The consumer sends a hitcode for free, for example ‘FCB’ for Club Brugge, to the shortcode 4444. He immediately received a free SMS containing a link to the mobile internet site of the advertiser. On this site he can then find further information about the brand, promotions and contact details. In France this technique was used in 2006 on Gallery, the equivalent of PlazZza, by leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Citroen, Nike and Société Générale.

Mobile Participative Marketing: the mobile phone will unmistakably fulfill a prominent role in the growth of the Web 2.0, moreover as a very suitable device to grab content and send it to a central platform. Mobile blogging is a nice example for this. This was recently introduced on a large scale in Belgium by Proximus at the launch of the Pay&Go Generation cards. Members of this club can send pictures by MMS to their moblog for free. Without any large promotion, this campaign presently has a lot of success.

From Advertising to Participation: it is beyond doubt that there exists a large range of mobile marketing techniques. Especially the latter creates new possibilities to form a strong connection and community feeling for a brand. site launched

Earlier this month, the Belgian mobile operators launched the Internet website for PlazZza.

On, you can find more information on how PlazZza can improve your mobile marketing. It gives an insight on the costs and the benefits that PlazZza will have for you and your customers.

Visit here.

To discover the power of PlazZza, you can also send a free SMS with hitcode DEMO to the shortcode 4444.

Mobile blogging… moblog!

A while ago, this blog featured an article on Web 2.0, explaining the impact of the participation of the end-users. The success of blogs and user-driven sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia are textbook examples of the power of Web 2.0

In our business, it’s always interesting to see the convergence of the Internet and mobile communication. Belgian mobile operator Proximus started an interesting new project called ‘moblog’, which allows you to send a picture with your mobile via MMS to a the dedicated shortcode 4488. This picture then gets automatically posted on your ‘mobile blog’ where everyone can see it.

The initiative is targeted a young & dynamic audience and is therefor integrated into the “Pay&Go Generation” subsite. Check out the MobileWeb moblog here.

Proximus Moblog introduces Club Brugge on PlazZza has presented her new mobile internet campaign, which introduces the new mobile site of soccer team Club Brugge on PlazZza, the search engine portal for Mobile Internet sites, recently launched by the Belgian mobile operators. This WAP site contains an informative part as well as interactive services, allowing the user to stay updated by SMS about game results and dates.

Club Brugge on PlazZza

PlazZza and 4444, the new interactive tools for mobile marketing

Club Brugge is one of the innovators that uses the multifunctional marketing possibilities of the PlazZza service. In November, already made headlines with their first PlazZza campaign for telecom giant Samsung.
The consumer can inform himself on Club Brugge by sending a free SMS with the hitcode ‘FCB’ to shortcode 4444. He will then receive a direct link to the mobile site of Club Brugge. He can also easily find this site on the PlazZza portal site.

Club Brugge, top player on the market
“Soccer fans are more and more involved with their favorite team. The site of Club Brugge allows them to stay uo to date on the dates of the games, the results and so much more, just by using their mobile!” explains Kevin Vlerick of GSM Sport, who took care of the design of the mobile site of the premiere league player. The community feeling of the fans is stimulated by the Mobile Fan club, which sends weekly updates with news, discounts and advantages to their mobile., first provider of PlazZza and 4444 in Belgium was in charge of the full integration and organization of this PlazZza campaign for Club Brugge. “Mobile marketing via 4444 and PlazZza is clearly taking off. Following the success of the Samsung Fun Club, Club Brugge is the second large player using the many innovative possibilities that are being offered by this new marketing medium.” adds Danny Lein, Managing Director of
On November 23rd, organised the ‘Web Goes Mobile’ Seminar, where three international case studies were presented on the impact of the Mobile Internet on business & marketing strategies.