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eBay Belgium goes mobile

eBay is becoming more mobile minded. They have introduced a new SMS service, which allows to bid and receive alerts by SMS. A user can for example be informed of the bids on a certain product. A SMS message will inform him when a bidding period has almost terminated. He can then reply by SMS with a higher bid. To receive a message, the user pays 25 eurocent; to send one is at the normal sms rate.

Future project is to introduce a mobile version of the online market place. This already exists in the UK:

eBay Belgium goes mobile

2007 – The Year of the Business Model

Each year in the spring 3GSM, the highlight fair of the GSM sector, takes place in Barcelona. This fair brings together all small and large players of the mobile telephony from everywhere in the world. More than 1.200 exhibitors and 55.000 visitors were present at this year’s edition. What are the big trends and what can we expect in the near future?

Trend 1: 2007 – “The Year of the Business Model”
With this quote by the CEO of T-Mobile during his keynote speech on 3GSM, the tone of the 3GSM congress was set. To compensate the downfall of revenue from speech, new money sources will have to be found. This year we will see many experiments with new business models.
Firstly, there are a lot of expectations from social networking tools and user generated content. All large mobile phone groups would love to repeat success stories as those of MySpace and YouTube on mobile platforms. Photo and video sharing services will also quickly appear on mobile platforms. The Belgian/French Moblr is an interesting initiator.
Another certainty is that large players will want their share of the very promising mobile advertising market. The attention is mostly directed to the upcoming market of mobile paying search systems. During the congress in Barcelona, the largest mobile operators gathered to discuss the creation of a common search robot, competing Yahoo! and Google.

Trend 2: Mobile internet and push-email on the rise
In 2006 the mobile operators all over the world have opened their mobile internet environment a bit to ‘off-portal’ content providers. Belgium saw the launch of the PlazZza platform, which allows content providers to advertise their services. In 2007, the mobile Internet will be in the centre of attention for the large internet players such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo!. They will extend their offer with products that are complementary to their internet services. The recent acquisition of Tell Me by Microsoft illustrates this.
New this year is that more and more internet players will also market ‘on-device’ portals. The new Yahoo! Go Mobile for example was one of the show-offs in Barcelona. These applications can be downloaded and contain the most important functionalities locally. Data transfer over the still slow mobile networks are mineralized and executed in the background. For the consumer, it’s more user-friendly and the costs for the data transfer are lower. It remains to be seen whether such local applications can be effectively divided and sustained for a large group of users and devices.
Lastly, in 2007-2008 we can expect a larger scale of ‘push-email’ applications, mostly directed to consumers. Such applications allow to send e-mail messages in the background to the mobile phone. In the long term, push email will be an important competitor for SMS.

Interactive mobile TV

Trend 3: Mobile TV stays hot
Mobile TV was still strongly present at the 3GSM congress. Mobile TV today still creates a lot of enthusiasm with hardware and telecom providers. TV broadcast is becoming an important feature in the value proposition of the mobile phone of the future. The small screens now give a fantastic resolution. The mobile operators also keep the faith in this opportunity and continue building their broadband and broadcast capacity. Question is whether the consumer is actually waiting for this and whether he is willing to pay extra for it.

A lot is still about to happen in the further development of tomorrow’s mobile multimedia world.

A day at CeBIT with Angela Merkel

As we arrived at the CeBIT fair in Hannover last Thursday, we were welcomed by nobody less than… German prime minister Angela Merkel!
Or at least, she arrived at the same time… 😉

Thanks to Guido Brockmann (E-mobilo) for having his mobile phone camera near.

Angela Merkel arrives at the CeBIT - click to enlarge

CeBIT opens in Hannover

Yesterday, the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments opened its doors. took a group of clients and representatives of the three Belgian mobile operators to the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Where the exhibition used to be known for showing off the latest innovations and future technologies, it’s visibly moving more towards a fair with presentations of interesting but existing products and services. However this can still lead to some very impressive stands, such as those of Deutsche Telekom or O². The different ‘country’ stands delivered a multicultural trade fair landscape. Certain technologies received a lot of attention, such as GPS navigation systems and Voice over IP.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

The MobileWeb group at the CeBIT The MobileWeb group at the CeBIT
The stand of Deutsche Telekom The stand of Deutsche Telekom
The stand of O² The stand of O²
The stand of O² The stand/building of Vodafone
Everything is possible! Tradition and technology merge - The stand of an Indian IT company

First banner campaign on PlazZza is the first market player that uses the full advertising possibilities of PlazZza.

With a banner campaign about the services of his client, is delivering a first in Belgium regarding mobile marketing. The banners can be seen on the search pages of PlazZza, the search portal for Mobile Internet sites, launched last year by the Belgian mobile operators.

First banner campaign on PlazZza

PlazZza, portal for the mobile internet
PlazZza offers a platform to give easy access to mobile internet sites in Belgium. On PlazZza, the end-user can choose between several categories in which the WAP sites are listed. Another possibility is sending a free SMS with a certain hitcode to the shortcode 4444. Samsung for example has integrated the hitcode ‘samsung’ in its advertisements. If the consumer sends this hitcode to 4444, he receives by SMS a direct link to the Samsung mobile internet site.

First mobile banner campaign strongly believes in the possibilities of PlazZza regarding mobile marketing. This provider of mobile solutions previously introduced big names on this new mobile platform, among which Samsung and Club Brugge. With a campaign about the new WAP service of, wants to prove that the PlazZza medium is ready for advertising. In collaboration with ScreenTonic, pioneer for mobile publicity in Europe, and the operators Mobistar and Proximus banners were placed on the category and search pages of PlazZza. ScreenTonic previously set up campaigns for, among others, Coca-Cola and Reebok for the successful Gallery, the French counterpart of PlazZza.
“With the coming of larger GSM screens and faster connections, the major obstacles for a mobile platform as PlazZza have been conquered.” explains Danny Lein, Managing Director of “Marketing campaigns on such a medium are the logical next step, and both the market as the consumer are ready for it.”

Participate in the WK Blabla

To promote their ‘Free Friends’ calling formula, Mobistar is organising the WK Blabla. During this contest, they search for the person that can talk the longest on the phone. The final will be held on Studio Brussel on March 9th. The 10 champions who talk the longest will win a full year Free Friends, as well as a Samsung X510 pack for themselves and 3 friends.

The ultimate winner wins a plane ticket for the duration of his conversation, for example 8 hours of chatting can bring him to New York. He also gets some pocket money for the trip.

Go over to and start your virtual training with coach Marco

This campaign was set up by marketing bureau These Days, who already made successful campaigns for Spotter, Bikkembergs, IJsboerke and Nokia.

Mobistar WK Blabla