Mobile entertainment impacted by cameraphones

More and more consumers these days own a mobile phone with build-in camera, which means they’ll less likely buy wallpapers or other graphics for their phone. Because with their cameraphone they can easily take a picture and use that to personalise their mobile.

That’s the main conclusion of a survey done by M:Metrics, an American mobile market research firm. Mobile entertainment revenue, mainly the sale of wallpapers and phone graphics, is declining as increasing numbers of people personalize their phone with photos taken on the device.

On the other hand, the pictures that are taken with the phone, are more often send out by photo messaging, which has a positive impact on operator data revenues. Photo messaging is one of the most popular mobile applications, with more than 31% of mobile subscribers sending photos or videos to other phones, e-mail or blogs.

For an extensive view on the use of mobile content and applications in the markets of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and US, read the press release at the M:Metrics site.

Mobile Entertainment impacted by cameraphones

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