Bluetooth Marketing

Our multifunctional mobile phones allow us multiple sorts of communication these days. We call, we send sms text messages, we share photo messages by mms, we surf the mobile internet,… And it won’t surprise anyone when other types are still added to that spectrum. One of those relatively new types is Bluetooth communication.

A third of Belgian mobile phones supports Bluetooth, which is already an interesting amount (read: a valid marketing target group). Marketeers are already considering the possible opportunities and thereby challenging the boundaries of this Bluetooth marketing.

Imagine strolling down the hallway of a shopping mall, where you pass a clothing store and you receive by Bluetooth a promotion coupon for that very same store. Or a small advertising video, enticing you to come in and have a look at their collection. Convenient or intruding?
To prevent privacy issues, the advertiser should always ask the permission of the consumer before sending him anything by Bluetooth. But as with many new communication technologies, there’s still a grey zone for what is allowed and what isn’t.

Meanwhile the first experiments have started. In a recent campaign, mobile operator Mobistar established a Bluetooth connection to people at certain bus stops in 8 Belgian cities. The consumers were asked if they wanted to receive a ring tone by Bluetooth. If they approved, the ring tone was immediately send to their mobile. Mobistar says it was a successful first Bluetooth campaign.

Earlier this month, the city council of Lokeren announced a Bluetooth project, in collaboration with the company Bluetalk. Everyone who walks in the neighbourhood of the city hall gets the option to receive information by Bluetooth, ranging from the weather forecast to trailers of cultural activities or practical information of the city. This project called Blue Town starts May 1st.

Bluetooth offers some interesting mobile marketing opportunities, to say the least. But privacy aspects must be considered and legislation will have to follow soon. Another issue is the security, because the consumer needs to be sure that by allowing the Bluetooth connection, he’s not receiving any virus containing application on his mobile device. And finally, consumers still need to grow more familiar with this technologie before it can successfully be adopted as a full marketing tool.

Bluetooth Marketing

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  1. An interesting opportunity for Bluetooth advanced technology is Bluetooth proximity marketing, which is basically the localized sharing of advertising content associated with a specific place. Transmissions will be received by people in that locality who will show interest to receive them and have the essential equipment to do so. Proximity marketing can also be acquired through laptop or PDA. The range and user-friendliness to most Bluetooth proximity marketing is based on your equipment, lots of which don’t need pairing for receiving of content or graphics. A wide range of PDA and Bluetooth accessories is available online. You can shop around to get this exciting equipment.

    • laura.innovation604
    • December 11th, 2008

    How to become a Digital Rich Media Mobile Marketer (DRMMM)

    Hi everyone! To Any Advertiser thinking outside the box.
    We totally understand that with every form of advertising it is a numbers game, there is NO difference here, the big difference however with this system is the fact it is working 24/7 for your business, it does not stop for lunch, it doesn’t take a 5 minute coffee break, it is totally committed to promoting your business in the way you want it!
    Over the past several months, Innovation 604 and BlueSPOTmedia have sent 50,000 messages to consumers walking by with their cell phones in the “discoverable” Bluetooth mode in some of the bar-restaurants in metro manila. BlueSPOTmedia sends promotions that are immediately redeemable at the restaurant or store. Gino, Operation Manager and marketing for Absinth (GB3), said in a statement that the results have been outstanding.
    Philippine-based Innovation 604 Inc. is a 5-year-old company that brings new technologies and products to the out-of-home advertising industry, retail POP, and POS markets in Philippines and beyond… It started the proximity marketing business in part to take advantage of the fact that mobile phones are the ideal way to provide direct rich media marketing.
    One reason is that the Bluetooth messages are carried wirelessly over a 200-foot range radio network, making them much more relevant as ads, location wise. They’re targeted at someone who is already at the place where they might take advantage of the promotion. The messages also don’t cost the consumer anything – in contrast to text messages – because they don’t go over the cell phone network.
    Also, consumers have to put their phones in “discover” to receive the messages. Only about 3 out of five cell phone users do this. To prompt them, Innovation 604 Inc. puts up signs saying that consumers can get deals if they do so.
    After a successful test, Innovation 604 Inc. is hopeful to roll the ad system out in more locations. Other places that can use it are gas stations, hotels, and high-trafficked tourist spots.
    By the end of this year, Innovation 604 Inc. expects to have the proximity marketing available in 200 places. Proximity marketing has been in place for a few years in Europe, South Africa, and Australia – generally areas where mobile marketing is more advanced. Innovation 604 Inc. can use BlueSPOTmedia hardware and software. Innovation 604 Inc. can also provide 360 degree marketing solution from consultation, creative, reporting, and etc.

    About BlueSPOTmedia
    Campaign Basics:
    Using Bluetooth® wireless technology, BlueSPOTmedia delivers content on demand to users of mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Customers can opt in to receive Bluetooth mobile content based on a call to action like signage. We are working with brands such as Coca-Cola, Nokia, France Telecom,Fnac, Renault, Master Card,…We are very active in Europe and we would like to develop our business in the Philippines. Our solutions could be used for events, exhibitions and specific communication in areas such as malls, clubs, business centers, show rooms, etc.
    Thanks to our BlueSPOT, our solution “lights up” traditional advertising and can transmit or send (push) images, animated gif, videos, sounds and tailor-made applications (Java,…), RSS flux is also possible to send from the mobile phones to the BlueSPOT (Pull). Content is downloaded to mobile devices free of charge and without a data plan requirement. Our solutions (hardware and software) are developed internally and allow Fit2phone push and pull, phone recognition, remote access. However, it is not possible to communicate to blackberry (first generation)due to technical choice done by the manufacturer.

    How It Works:
    BlueSPOTmedia maintains a virtual mobile content distribution network. This network consists of an ever growing installed base of Mobile Content Servers. The Mobile Content Server (MCS) creates an intelligent, remotely controlled Bluetooth® wireless technology hotspot.
    These servers use a GPRS or Ethernet up-link to connect into BlueSpotMedia network
    infrastructure. Our infrastructure, campaign management tools and report generation
    technology allows for real-time campaign creation and control.

    Bluetooth Basics:
    Bluetooth® wireless technology is the simplest way to send content directly to mobile phones. It is a global standard for wirelessly connecting devices such as mobile phones, computers, cars, stereo headsets, MP3 players and more. It is built into over two billion mobile devices already, and over twelve million new devices are shipping every month.
    BlueSPOTmedia uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to power its mobile content hotspots so
    downloads are always fast and free for mobile device users.

    Quick Facts
    • Downloads take between 5 and 25 seconds depending on content size.
    • Bluetooth® wireless technology hotspots effective range for content delivery is 30 feet.
    • Bluetooth® wireless technology devices must be set to discoverable in order for content
    to be delivered.

    Innovation 604 Inc.
    MSN: lexi606@hotmail
    YM :
    US Number – +1-650-200-i604
    Skype – alexis.dabon

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