Mobile Advertising needs specific audience

Mobile Advertising has great potential. IF it is targeted to a specific audience, that is.That is the conclusion of a survey, done by the British Tickbox, assigned by MaMac. In May 2007, they asked 1400 British mobile phone subscribers about their habits on the mobile internet.

Results show that 13% of the younger generation (16 – 24y) has at least once reacted on a mobile advertising, which is pretty high considering the low amount of mobile advertising that is available for the moment.

The success of each form of mobile advertising is different depending on the age and sex of the viewer. Text ads are most popular, especially with women (60% against 47% with men). Men, on the other hand, are more likely to react on a video ad (22%) than women (12%). Video ads also score higher with 16-24 year-olds, while the category of 25-34y prefers a banner.

The survey clearly shows that mobile advertisers should use a specific approach for their target audience.


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