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The question has been risen by some before: in the past we carried around our own (paper) agenda with on the first page contact details of those to contact in case of an emergency; why not do the same now with our mobile phones?

In 2005 there was the ICE campaign in the UK, which encouraged people to add the phone numbers of their emergency contacts in the address book of their mobile phone. These contacts get the name ICE1, ICE2, ICE3,… (In Case of Emergency). You could for example add the number of your partner as “ICE 1 Sam” and the number of your mother as “ICE 2 Mom”. When something happens to you, those providing help can then easily see who to call.

Member of the European Parliament Maria Martens has asked the Commission to further promote this project in Europe. Martens would like to have the support of phone companies and mobile phone producers: “It would be good if from within the configuration of the phone, people would be asked to define their emergency contacts. Of course it would be optional to fill in this information. I think an obligation goes too far.”

In Belgium the ICE campaign has already been discussed as well. Flemish representative Bart Caron entered a resolution in March, demanding the government to actively promote the ICE numbers. His resolutie was unanimous accepted in the Commission of Welfare.

To configure your own ICE numbers:

  1. Type the acronym ICE followed by a contact name into the address book of your mobile phone
  2. Save their phone number
  3. Inform your ICE contact that you have designated them

PS: For a different approach on how to handle an emergency, check out one of MobileWeb.be’s clients: Helpi

emergency numbers in your mobile phone

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