Google prepares mobile search engine

Google is taking the mobile internet very serious.
The popular search engine is currently developing a search device for mobile sites, allowing consumers to easily find the providers of mobile content such as ring tones, games and other premium content.

As next step, the mobile Google will give companies the possibility to pay to appear in the search result, in analogy to the sponsored links in its web version.

In another recent move on the mobile platform, Google has been testing mobile advertising. Certain mobile web developers were asked to put Google ads on their sites in a test to extend Google’s Adsense program to the mobile internet.
Dilip Venkatachari, director of product management responsible for mobile monetization efforts at Google, on Google’s recent efforts for the mobile world: “Mobile advertising is a huge opportunity for us starting with the basic premise that there are something like 3 billion or so handsets in the world.”
Compared to the 1 billion PC users, that is indeed quite an interesting target market.

Google mobile

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