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Universal Music tries DRM-free music distribution

In February, Apple’s frontman Steve Jobs gave arguments to stop DRM (‘Digital Rights Management’) for the download of music.

This week, Universal Music Group has announced a six-month trial to sell a part of its music catalog without DRM protection software. The DRM-free songs will be available through online music services such as Rhapsody and online stores like Amazon. Ironically, iTunes won’t be participating in the trial.

Read the press release here.

Universal Music tries DRM-free music distribution

Mobile video stimulated by Web 2.0

According to ABI Research the market value of mobile video services (especially the sharing of videos on the mobile) will rise from 1 billion USD in 2007 to more than 17 billion USD by 2012.

The driver behind that rise is the Web 2.0, especially the sharing sites and social networking communities that allow users to upload their video material with their mobile.

More info on their research here.

Nokia and NME offer mobile music

We’ve discussed mobile music services before (see Towards a DRM-free music distribution? and Music downloads for your mobile). A couple more market players are now getting into the mobile music business.

It is expected that at the end of the month, Nokia will announce the autumn launch of their online music service, to coincide with the European launch of rival iPhone. The service will allow to download songs to computers for transfer to mobile phones and other portable music players.

Another new service is NME Mobile, an off-portal mobile music service offered by the famous music magazine New Musical Express (NME). Their mobile internet site will contain over a million premium download tracks. Miles Ross, IPC Media head of mobile, reacts: “Now, with NME Mobile, music fans will be able to get music, news and more on their handset. NME Mobile is the best mobile music service on the go.”