at Customer First and joined several other exhibitors at the second edition of Customer First, last week at Tour&Taxis.
In 2006, the first edition drew more than 1600 professionals. This year the organiser Best of Publishing chose to spread the event over two days. And while officially there were about 2300 visitors, the hall looked disappointingly empty most of the time. Many students though, who -as one pointed out to me- are “the future of the business”… Oh well.

We organised a game to promote our MMS application; the mobile pictures were taken all over Customer First and then displayed on our flat screen. Participants could send in the code that matched their picture. From all those participants we picked a winner: Nicolas P. will receive a nice Nokia mobile phone – congratulations!

Check the MMS picture gallery here.

MobileWebbers Sven Bally & Danny Lein also held a workshop, presenting several interesting Mobile Marketing and Mobile Internet case studies.

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