Earn money with your mobile

MobileWeb.be has worked with Pumbby on a new project, that allows people to earn revenue with their mobile phone. All you need to do, is accept advertising on your mobile. Mobile subscribers can register on the Pumbby website and decide how many advertisements they wish to receive (with a maximum of 10 per day). For each advertising message that he reads, the consumer can receive up to 44 eurocent. If he completes personal data, such as age, gender, etc… on the website, the advertising will be personalised and as such better targeted.

With the earned revenue, the consumer can buy in the online Pumbby shop (CD, DVD, movie tickets, etc…), or use the money to pay his GSM bill. It’s also possible to transfer the money to his personal bank account.

You can subscribe on www.pumbby.com


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    • Benjamin
    • June 1st, 2008

    I was a bit worried at first… but now I have to say I’m really happy to have known Pumbby. I must say it really works !! Already a few transfers of 20€ on my bank account ! It is as simple as nice! Suscribe today and you won’t be disappointed !

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