Mobile payment picks up slowly

In May of this year we reported about several new Mobile Payment technologies that are coming up. New providers such as and Atos Worldline offered services to use your mobile to pay small bills. Though promising, we see that after half a year people aren’t yet warming up to these kind of services. Atos has gotten about 1865 suppliers interested, which leads to only 20 payments a day. Tunz counts about 2500 suppliers and a similar result. However, this is a new market and even though it might pick up slowly, the potential is definitely there.

While it picks up slowly in Belgium, our neighbours in Holland are more eager for mobile payments. In a test, the mobile phone replaced the bank card. Customers had to hold the GSM next to a terminal at the check-out counter after which a pin code had to be entered and the amount to be paid was withdrawn. Customers got used to it quickly and responded enthousiastically.

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Mobile Payment

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