New Year’s Eve sms record broken

The SMS storm on New Year’s Eve has broken all records. In Belgium, a massive total of 59 million sms messages with Best Wishes were sent out. That is a lot more than the expectations, which had counted on 46 to 50 million.

The operators were well prepared for the texting night. Proximus activated a fifth SMS server to allow a send-out of 66.000 messages per minute. In total, the operator served 28,3 million messages (including 7,6 million delivery receipts though) compared to 23 million last year.
The other two operators also handled the sms mass without a problem. Mobistar counted 18,1 million SMS, which is a quarter more than in 2006. Base had the biggest rise: 46% more messages, counting up to 12,9 million SMS.

The texting tradition on the verge of a new year sees quite some differences between countries. Switserland is the most eager to sms friends and family with greetings, sending nearly seven times as many messages at New Year than on an average day, with over 75 million SMS estimated to be sent. Greeks send up to five times as many as normal. The French on the other hand seem to prefer more traditional ways to greet their close ones, as they don’t send any more sms messages than on a normal day.

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