Google Mobile search improves

In July 2007, we wrote about Google preparing a mobile search engine. The latest version of this mobile search service has several large improvements compared to earlier versions. While the first version only allowed to search within one category separately (eg.: ‘web’, ‘images’ or ‘news’), the search for a keyword is now done for all categories at the same time. Whether the search engine first shows the text results, the image results or the results in another search category, depends on the kind of search keyword. The name of a politician will likely first result in news results, while the search on a photo model will start by generating image results.

Another improvement is that Google Mobile remembers local settings. When you have searched on the keyword ‘Brussels’, a following search will show you local results for the region Brussels. Also, when a search is geography-related, you have the option to visualise a Google Map.

Google Mobile

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