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LinkedIn goes mobile

Social networking site LinkedIn has announced a mobile version, which you can find on
The beta release is available in 6 languages and allows to search profiles, invite people to your network and receive updates about connections. A final version, featuring more and phone-specific functionality, is expected later this spring.

LinkedIn counts about 20 million subscribers, which is a lot less than MySpace and Facebook, but it concentrates on business networking, which has become its niche. Their mobile site aims to benefit business men who are attending a meeting or conference and who quickly want to check certain information on a business profile of another attendee. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberries and other WAP-enabled mobile phones.


Telenet wants Mobile TV

Duco Sickinghe, CEO of Telenet, sees a big future for Mobile television. In an interview with De Tijd, he explains that after analogue and digital TV, internet TV (PCTV & GarageTV), it is now time to invest in mobile TV.

Telenet is considering to participate in the auction for Flemish frequencies for mobile television, later this year. Sickinghe: “But when we do it, it will be more than just sending through some TV channels. It would be a mobile portal with video signals connected to it. That is more valuable.”

Source: Datanews


Bruno in Barcelona

This week we’ve been bombarding you with articles about the Mobile World Congress (3GSM) in Barcelona. Bruno Leijnse, journalist at Trends, is reporting live from Barcelona on his blog, so for more interesting articles, check Bruno in Barcelona

Bruno Leijnse

Yahoo! brings social networks together on mobile

Another big announcement at 3GSM Barcelona comes from Yahoo!. They are launching OneConnect, which should become the ultimate mobile link between social networks.

In today’s cyberworld, there are dozens of websites and tools for social networking, IM, and buddylisting: MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, AOL,… to name a few. OneConnect checks the online status of your contacts on all these platforms at once and sends the incoming chat requests through to your mobile phone, keeping all the different information within the same window.
The application also uses geolocalisation (by GPS or by GSM signals) to locate the contacts. Their real-life position is then indicated on a map. This way you can be informed if one of your contacts is in your neighborhood.

The application could mean a huge increase in data traffic and therefore big business for Yahoo! and telecoms.

(Source: Datanews)
Yahoo OneConnect

Redford stimulates mobile short films

“Technology doesn’t get traction until artists push their way into it and conjoin with it – the more art lends itself to new technology, it’s going to drive it in new commercial ways.” says Robert Redford yesterday at 3GSM in barcelona. The famous actor/director sees mobile as the ideal platform to distribute short films.
Redford’s independent film-development nonprofit Sundance Institute has already been active in mobile entertainment for a while. At last years 3GSM congress, he already premiered 3 to 5 minutes shorts that were developed exclusively for mobile handsets.

Robert Redford at 3GSM in Barcelona

Another cinema celebrity backed the idea of Mobile Short films. Isabella Rossellini discussed the creative process behind Green Porno, her new series of Sundance-produced mobile shorts exploring the secret lives of the animal kingdom. “I wanted to exploit the mobile opportunity as a new canvas for film – when you use your cell phone, you’re waiting for the bus and bored, and you want to be entertained for a short moment. I had in mind something funny, but to be funny and not silly, it has to have content. Sundance told me ‘This is a new media, you have to make something flashy,’ and ‘flashy’ to me translates as ‘sex.’ So that’s why it’s Green Porno.”

The future of IM is mobile

“Worldwide there are about 400 million chatters. 90% of them are youngsters. The future of IM (Instant Messaging) is the mobile phone.” That’s the opinion of Jeffrey Ganek, CEO of Neustar, the company whose network is used by all North-American mobile operators.

Neustar aspires to be an essential element in the world of Mobile IM, which they think holds a “potential of billions”. Not only do they want to take care of the interoperability between mobile operators offering IM services, but they also want to make sure those services are compatible with one another.

(source: Datanews)

Mobile Alliance against child abuse

The GSM Association, which groups all major mobile operators, has created the ‘Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content’. This alliance wants to prevent child porn to be distributed over mobile platforms. To keep the Mobile Internet clean and child-friendly, the necessary technical barriers will be build in. The initiative, which already received the support of European Commissioner Viviane Reding, is calling for all authorities worldwide to give their support to this cause.

Mobile Alliance against child abuse

Timbaland becomes Verizon’s Mobile Producer

Verizon Wireless will soon be launching their new ‘Mobile Producer in Residence’ program, which features a music producer bringing his work directly onto the mobile platform. Hiphop producer Timbaland – famous for his collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and recently Madonna – will be the first Mobile Producer, teaming up with different guest stars to launch a mobile-exclusive album on Verizon’s V Cast Music platform. The new tracks will be available for mobile consumers as song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones.

Press release


Call for cheaper SMS roaming

Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, continues attacking the high roaming tariffs. In 2007, she imposed a decrease in roaming fees for international phone calls. Now she also wants to see prices diminishing for international SMS messages and data transfer. Right now, these prices still vary widely because mobile operators charge each other differently to allow the use of their network. These costs are then charged to the end-user. Reding, talking at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, urges operators to lower these networks charges. She also stimulated the use of fixed fees for data transfer so the Mobile Internet could get the same boost as the fixed Internet did when flat fees (cable, ADSL) were introduced there.

It didn’t take the operators long to come with a reply. Rob Conway, president of GSM Association, which groups more than 700 operators, said he agreed that the Mobile Internet should be stimulated with a more attractive tariff structure, but opposed regulation of mobile data services, saying it would limit innovation: “We don’t believe retail price regulation is beneficial in this context at all. We would resist through reasoned argument”.

Viviane Reding

CBS Mobile uses LBS for Mobile Advertising

US-based CBS Mobile has teamed up with Loopt, provider of social-mapping and communication services. Objective is to combine Mobile Advertising with Location Based Services (LBS), which allows for consumers to receive mobile ads tailored to their current physical location, for example promoting stores and restaurants in the neighborhood.

More at New York Times.