Redford stimulates mobile short films

“Technology doesn’t get traction until artists push their way into it and conjoin with it – the more art lends itself to new technology, it’s going to drive it in new commercial ways.” says Robert Redford yesterday at 3GSM in barcelona. The famous actor/director sees mobile as the ideal platform to distribute short films.
Redford’s independent film-development nonprofit Sundance Institute has already been active in mobile entertainment for a while. At last years 3GSM congress, he already premiered 3 to 5 minutes shorts that were developed exclusively for mobile handsets.

Robert Redford at 3GSM in Barcelona

Another cinema celebrity backed the idea of Mobile Short films. Isabella Rossellini discussed the creative process behind Green Porno, her new series of Sundance-produced mobile shorts exploring the secret lives of the animal kingdom. “I wanted to exploit the mobile opportunity as a new canvas for film – when you use your cell phone, you’re waiting for the bus and bored, and you want to be entertained for a short moment. I had in mind something funny, but to be funny and not silly, it has to have content. Sundance told me ‘This is a new media, you have to make something flashy,’ and ‘flashy’ to me translates as ‘sex.’ So that’s why it’s Green Porno.”

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