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Teenagers most susceptible for mobile ads

Nearly 23% of mobile subscribers, that participated to a recent Nielsen study, have seen a mobile advertising on their mobile in the past 30 days. About half of those have actually responded to the mobile ad.
Teenagers seem to be more susceptible for these ads: 46% remembers the ad, compared to only 29% of the adults.
A quater of all mobile ad viewers have responded at least once by sending a SMS. 9% has followed a link on their GSM to form a specific number. A third of all users in the survey is open for mobile advertising if it reduces their subscription fee. 13% is open for it if it improves the available media and content offer. 14% is OK with it if the ads are relevant for their personal needs.


600.000 mobile surfers in Belgium

On the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early February, the development of the Mobile Internet was a main topic. For the first time, internet companies such as Google, Yahoo! and also Microsoft got more into the spotlight than the traditional exhibitors like Nokia, Samsung or the mobile operators.

Many presentations at the Mobile World Congress proved that operators are realizing that the mobile web and other media services are the way to the future. Consequently, there was a storm of announcements regarding new strategic developments on this area. Nokia formed a strategic alliance with Google. Yahoo! launched OneConnect, the link between your GSM and a range of social networks. The first prototypes of mobile phones equipped with Google’s Android operating system was eagerly presented. MSN Direct now also has a mobile version. Even the European Commission is now getting involved and wants to see a serious decrease of international roaming costs for consulting the mobile internet as of mid 2008.

So what about the development of the mobile web in Belgium? On the Web Goes Mobile seminar in November last year, Proximus and Mobistar came with an unprecendented exclusive: for the first time, numbers were presented in a joint presentation about the use of their mobile portals in Belgium. Some of these released figures are striking:
– Every month, 600.000 mobinauts visit the portal sites Vodafone Live! and Orange World
– Orange World and Vodafone Live! daily receive more than 65.000 users
2,5 million Belgians have a mobile internet compatible phone
More than 100 mobile internet sites are registered on PlazZza and every month 5 to 10 are added

With such figures, the mobile portals of the operators arrive in the Top 20 of the most visited websites according to the CIM/Metriweb chart. It won’t come as a surprise that both Proximus and Mobistar are now eyeing the advertising market with specific mobile marketing formulas.

600.000 mobile surfers in Belgium

Recent studies by InSites have shown that the mobile internet with the general public is mainly used by youngsters: 75% of the users is situated in the age category 15 – 35 years. There is also a large interest for the mobile web with professional users. For them, consulting mobile information means an important increase of their efficiency.

The offer on the mobile web currently concentrates mainly on the sale of mobile content: adult content, logos and ring tones, infotainment (news, weather, …). However, we can expect that there will be a rapid enlargement in the coming years. In France, where the development of the mobile internet is a few years ahead of Belgium, the consultation of weather forecasts on MétéoFrance was the most visited service in 2007, way ahead of the providers of ring tones.
The big guys are now getting ready to conquer the mobile web. It is up to you if you want to jump the band wagon and already now adjust your mobile internet strategy.

Madonna launches album on mobile

Madonna plans to give more than 250m Vodafone customers access to her new album ahead of its official release set for April 28th with Warner Music.
The Material Girl is hoping to reach millions of fans by releasing seven songs from the album, Hard Candy, at a rate of one song a day the week before the album is available. Beginning on April 21st, each track will remain live and exclusive to Vodafone customers for 24 hours for download before being replaced by the next one.
Customers in some markets, including Spain, Portugal, Germany and Belgium will be given access to the newly released single 4 Minutes, a collaboration with Justin Timberlake about fighting poverty and disease.

Vodafone’s deal with Warner will allow customers access to Madonna’s mini site on Vodafone live! where the week of music can be found alongside associated mobile phone content, including ringtones and text message tones. John Reid, vice chairman of Warner Music, said: “This is an innovative way to reach millions of Madonna fans around the world, building anticipation and excitement around this landmark release and helping to create a real event for Vodafone customers.”

Source: The Telegraph

10 million MMS on Mobistar network

Belgian mobile operator Mobistar has announced that their clients have sent 10 million mobile images in 2007.
Their multimedia messaging service (MMS) was launched 5 years ago, but the price to send a MMS message has dropped significantly since: from 0,99 EUR to 0,25 EUR.

About 60% of all mobile users have a mobile phone that is compatibel to send and receive MMS.


More Chinese mobile users than EU inhabitants

According to the Chinese Ministry of Information, the country counted in January 2008 more than 555 million mobile subscribers. That’s about 41,6% of the total population of China. Compared to the year before, this is an augmentation of nearly 19% or some 88 million people.

As a comparison: the entire EU counts about 500 million inhabitants…


Mobile Marketing special

Our colleagues of JournalDuNet have written an interesting special on Mobile Marketing. They take a closer look at some mobile marketing campaigns, done by Vueling, Renault, l’Oréal and Swarovski. There are also interviews with Antoine Leveque (Marvellous France) and Marc Montaldier (MMA France).

Check out their Mobile Marketing special here (in French)

No life without mobile phone

Americans can’t live without their mobile phone, research has shown. This is the first time they consider their cellphone a more vital device than their fixed phone, which was still top of the list two years ago. The switch can be explained by the fact that now people have grown more used to their mobile phone, which has additional functionalities such as text messaging.

On a typical day, 31 percent of cell phone owners use text messaging and 15 percent use the devices’ camera features. About 8 percent use the phone to play games and a similar percentage use it for e-mail.

The Pew report of this survey says that the mobile is the technological tool users have most difficulty with giving up, followed by the Internet and television. The fixed landline had to settle with 4th place.