What is the business model of AllIsBlue?

The company AllIsBlue is again getting a lot of press with their legal actions against Belgacom and Rossel. It strikes me how much attention this company gets if you compare this with the little business results they have achieved sofar.
The mission of any company is to develop a customer base with which products and services are exchanged in a profitable way. You don’t need to have a business school education to understand this. Sustainable and long lasting businesses have been prospering on this model for many years.

Now, looking at AllIsBlue, what is their business model? On which basis are they trying to generate revenues and income for their shareholders?
Looking at this from the side (we are not an insider*), it seems very much that the mission and purpose of AllIsBlue is to attack and threaten companies (potential clients, competitors, …) on the basis of a patent written back in 2000. And to make a lot of noise about this.


No doubt that AllIsBlue has invested a lot of money and resources in writing up their patent. They have also developed a first set of products and services on this basis. Till today there is very little evidence that there is a (large) market and customer base for this. The reasons of this limited business success are multiple: first, there are a lot of alternatives, of which many are economically more attractive than the AllIsBlue solution. The offer, nor the solution, is in any way unique or distinctive. Secondly, the legal framework in which the solution is embedded is unclear and many potential clients avoid this type of uncertainty. Finally, and probably most importantly, doing business is about interpersonal relationships. Most people do not like to work in an environment of threats, attacks, …

Let’s hope AllIsBlue will understand the message our sector, including the WASP Forum (the Belgian association of Wireless Access Service Providers, of which MobileWeb is a founding member), is transmitting them already for many years: focus on doing business, not on threatening nor attacking others. If AllIsBlue doesn’t change its market approach, it will unfortunately continue to slow down the growth of this promising market.

*Disclaimer: MobileWeb has opposed against the SMS-to-mail patent of AllIsBlue.

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