No life without mobile phone

Americans can’t live without their mobile phone, research has shown. This is the first time they consider their cellphone a more vital device than their fixed phone, which was still top of the list two years ago. The switch can be explained by the fact that now people have grown more used to their mobile phone, which has additional functionalities such as text messaging.

On a typical day, 31 percent of cell phone owners use text messaging and 15 percent use the devices’ camera features. About 8 percent use the phone to play games and a similar percentage use it for e-mail.

The Pew report of this survey says that the mobile is the technological tool users have most difficulty with giving up, followed by the Internet and television. The fixed landline had to settle with 4th place.

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  1. Right now we r living in a tech world and we take full adv of technical support.We prefer to do things technically rather than manually.1 day will come wre we can’t see fixed phone anymore.

  2. Recently, I read a study about mobile phone use in Britain, and I think they’re even more “addicted” to their phone. Among young people in Europe, it’s everywhere quite the same – they can’t imagine how they ever could live without their mobile (I wouldn’t say this is just fine, but it’s a fact).

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