Belgium lagging behind in GSM penetration

 According to the most recent report of the European Commission on the ICT market, the penetration rate in Belgium amounted to 94% in 2007. This was far behind the leading countries Italy (148%), Lithuania (144%) and Letvia (140%).

In 21 countries the mobile penetration rate was higher than 100% in October 2007 according to this study. With a penetration rate of 83% France showed the lowest level of all countries.

Mobile Penetration Rate Europe

Mobile Penetration Rate in Europe (October 2007) 

The study also revealed that mobile communications represent the highest part (47%) of the telecoms industry in Europe and is still growing. The number of European subscribers has risen to 553 millions. The top 5 countries in terms of number of subscribers are Germany (93 mio), Italy (88 mio), United Kingdom (72 mio), France (52 mio) and Spain (49 mio). They represent 64% of all European subscribers.

Find more info on this interesting study in a special report on Journal du Net.

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