Behavioral profiles of mobile users

Mobile users can be defined by their consumer behaviour, categorizing them as Mobile Pioneers, Mobile Wannabes and Mobile Traditionalists. These categories have been reported in a new study by the digital marketing research firm InsightExpress.

Mobile Pioneers (15% of the market) are mostly male, single and under 35 years old. A third of them owns a smartphone. They are characterized by easily adopting new and advanced features. The Mobile Wannabes (25% of the market) would like to use new features more often. Less than half of them uses a smartphone.  The Mobile Traditionalists, representing 60% of the market of which 2 thirds are over 35 years old, only use their mobile phone for phone calls and text messages.

Some interesting figures:

  • 79% of the Mobile Pioneers have taught new phone features to someone else, compared to 65% of the Mobile Wannabes
  • 62% of the Pioneers have sent a sms message to someone in the same room, compared to 39% of the Wannabes and 26% of the Traditionalists
  • 57% of the Pioneers have taken photos of a product using their phone and sent it to someone to get an opinion, compared to 30% of the Wannabes and 16% of the Traditionalists.
  • Mobile Pioneers and Wannabes alike agree that most advertising is relevant to them, that products that are advertised are a lot better than ones that are not advertised at all, and that advertising keeps them up-to-date on products they would like to purchase.
  • Mobile Pioneers are most likely to have walked into something or someone while using their device, and most likely to have thrown their mobile phone at someone or something
  • More results here

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