1 in 5 Dutchmen surfs mobile

According to the ‘Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek’, 2 million Dutch Internet users went online in 2007 using a mobile device. That’s 20% of all Internet users.

13% of Internet users went online using a laptop with a wireless connection. 8% surfed with their mobile phone. 3% used a palm desktop.

Mobile surfing is more popular with men: 24% of all surfing men used the mobile way, and only 14% of the women. Men also use more the mobile phone to go online (12%, compared to 4%).

Mobile Internet is popular with youngsters with a higher education. 30% of the higher educated internetters beneath 45 years used a mobile device for surfing in 2007. For the older and the less educated surfers this was only 7%.

This evolution can be compared to the Internet use at the end of the 90s, when most users were young, higher educated men.

Mobile Internet use in Holland, 2007

Source: CBS

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