SMS opens church door

Visiting a church even though it’s not officially open. That’s now possible in the Dutch town of Bornwind (Friesland) by sending a simple SMS message. When the door is locked, anyone who wants to visit the house of God can send a premium SMS at 1,50 euro. In return, he then receives an access code which opens the church door. This way, Steunpunt Monumentenzorg, who has taken the initiative, wants to increase the accessibility of the church. The church receives 1 euro for every SMS.
To avoid vandalism, every visitor will be photographed.

The system was developed by students of the Internet Academy of Leeuwarden. If the E-Tsjerke (Electronic Church) project is a success, it’ll be used in 50 other churches in the area.

Source: De Morgen

SMS opens church door

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