Mobile Marketing in France

The French JourdnalDuNet has an interesting article on some Mobile Marketing strategies used in France.

Bluetooth Marketing
Bluetooth technology can be used for Interactive Marketing.
For example, you walk in the airport, you see advertising of Brand X and at the same time you receive a Bluetooth request on your mobile, asking you to send more info about Brand X. Since Bluetooth is a broadband medium, it allows to send rich media, such as pictures or even a video. This means it holds a lot of marketing possibilities. On the other hand, Bluetooth is very intrusive so many consumers will not like the idea. On top of that, not all handsets are compatible and even if they are, the Bluetooth function must be activated.

Bluetooth Marketing

2D Flashcode
The Flashcode is a 2D barcode that can be read by the mobile phone. The information that is encrypted in the Flashcode can be used to give access to external info, for example a Mobile Internet site. The problem with Flashcodes is that there’s not a standard norm yet. So several norms are being used at the moment and the readers to decode the Flashcode are not compatible with all of these. Not all mobile phones are capable of reading Flashcode either.


Image recognition
Comparable to the Flashcode, but here it’s an external image that serves as 2D object. Basically, you take a picture of an image (advertising) with your mobile, you send it by MMS and you get a reply, containing a message or a link to a mobile site. Of course, this only works if you have a phone that is equipped with a camera and is compatible with MMS. Since the consumer has to pay to send the MMS, this marketing model only works if there’s an added value for the consumer.

Image recognition

For more details, read the JournalDuNet article here.

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