SMS: A weapon of mass liberation

Amnesty International has added a mobile component to their ‘Urgent Actions’ campaign.  Everyone can now support Amnesty’s actions to liberate people and fight against injustice by simply sending a SMS message.

How does it work?

You can join the Amnesty network by send the message UA to the shortcode number 3313 (1 € / SMS).

Every week, you will receive a SMS (1 € / SMS) to your cell phone giving the details of an individual in danger, asking you to intervene. You send Amnesty a SMS (1 € / SMS) in return with your first name, your surname and your address. Your signature will be added to the appeal that will be send to the authorities.

You will be able to read the complete story of the individual in danger and follow their situation on the website

You can stop your subscription anytime you want by sending a SMS containing the message STOP.

This campaign was set up in collaboration with

Amnesty International - Urgent Actions

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