SMS warns students in emergency

Good and fast communication can save lives in an emergency situation. That’s what several universities are realizing too. After several tragedies at American universities – like the one at Virginia Tech in April 2007, when an armed student killed 32 people – alerting systems via SMS & social networking sites are being tested and implemented.

The first 2 victims at Virginia Tech fell at 7am. More than 2 hours later, 30 others were massacred in a class room. It was not until 9:26 a.m. that the school sent the first e-mail to students and faculty. An investigative panel concluded that lives could have been saved if alerts had been sent out earlier and classes canceled after the first burst of gunfire.

Since then, hundreds of schools administrations have installed text-messaging systems to communicate with students.
It already proved very effective for St. John’s University, where students were informed by SMS within 18 minutes about a masked freshman with a rifle in his bag.

Although such violent incidents are a lot less frequent at Belgian (European) universities, it might be a good idea to already invest in such communication possibilities in order to avoid incidents in the future.

SMS warns students in emergency

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  1. Yeah i agree that good and fast communication can save life.Life has been changed a lot after mobile invention.

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