Apple announces iPhone 3G

Yesterday during his keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the new 3G iPhone. This new generation iPhone will be able to surf on the mobile networks of the third generation (3G), which are much faster than the classic mobile phone networks.

The iPhone 3G will be available on July 11th in 22 countries, including Belgium. The 8Gb would cost only $199; the 16Gb version $299, which is a lot cheaper than the first version of the iPhone.
Belgian operator Mobistar however denied that the multimedia device would be released in July in Belgium. It would be released later this year, but date and price have yet to be defined.

The new iPhone also has other additional functionalities. The device now also contains GPS. It features Easy!, a search tool to locate, through LBS, people in your contact list that are situated within the same geographical area.
Competing with the BlackBerry, the iPhone now directly sends and receives e-mails, using the new MobileMe function.  MobileMe also features a Gallery for viewing and sharing photos and iDisk for storing and exchanging documents online. It includes 20Gb of online storage that can be used for email, contacts, calendar, photos, movies and documents.

Apple iPhone

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