MobileWeb brings De Standaard on the Mobile

MobileWeb, the Belgian specialist in mobile internet solutions, has created the mobile news portal De Standaard Mobile for Corelio. Based on the unique Mobile Web Server, the news pages are adapted to the characteristics of the different types of mobile phones. This way, De Standaard Mobile is optimally presented on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone. PlazZza played an important role in the launching campaign.

De Standaard Mobile: the most recent news always at hand
De Standaard has launched a new mobile news service, called De Standaard Mobile. “De Standaard is much more than a newspaper. We are a news brand. That’s what we already were on paper and on the computer. Now we’re also that on the mobile phone.” says main editor Peter Vandermeersch. “It’s the quality and the speed above all. That’s why we’ve opted for the system of MobileWeb,” adds project leader Joris De Lannoy.

An optimal presentation on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone
“For De Standaard Mobile it was our main objective to develop a clear and readable news site, independent from the type of GSM, Blackberry or iPhone that is used,” explain Managing Director Danny Lein. “Depending on the type of device, the font size and the images are adapted. The first page gives short but clear titles, which click through to the entire article. The automatic updating system always visualizes the most recent articles.”
For the traffic information, there was a close collaboration with the Flemish Verkeerscentrum. Based on a handy map for each Flemish region, people on the road can check easily and quickly where to expect traffic jams.

Available for free on or on PlazZza
The mobile internet site can be visited for free by entering the address in the mobile browser. This is possible for every mobile device that has Internet access. also registered De Standaard Mobile in the listings of PlazZza, the Belgian portal for mobile sites. If you send the keyword DS by sms to the free number 8080, you’ll receive a sms message with a direct link to De Standaard Mobile.

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