Mobistar sells iPhone in Belgium on Friday

Mobistar has announced that the new Apple iPhone 3G will be available in Belgian stores on Friday July 11th, same day as the international release. Contrary to other countries, the iPhone will be sold without a required subscription. So it will be possible to use the mobile device with any of the 3 Belgian mobile operators. However, Mobistar has the exclusive distribution right of the iPhone in Belgium.

The iPhone with a memory of 8Gb will cost 525 Euro; for 16Gb you pay 615 Euro. This is a lot more expensive than the internationally proposed price of 199$ (for the 8Gb version). Mobistar explains this price difference with the obligation to sell the iPhone simlock free.
Mobistar proposes three different subscription formulas for 30, 45 and 60 Euro.

Mobistar sells iPhone 3G on Friday

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