Mobile data revenue to surpass $ 200 billion in 2008

Telecom analyst Informa predicts that this year’s worldwide mobile data revenue will surpass $ 200 billion (€ 127 billion).  In 2007 this was still $ 157 billion.  In the first quarter of 2008, mobile operators generated about $ 49 billion, or one fifth of their total revenue, in mobile data traffic.  Two third of that revenue comes from SMS messages.

The rise in mobile data traffic can make up a bit for the revenue loss in voice calls.  Mobile data transfers are stimulated by new technologies in modern mobile devices, such as the iPhone.

No less than 40% of the worldwide mobile data transfer comes from South East Asia.  Informa sees the biggest growth in the Middle East: the first quarter of 2008 had 91,7% more data transfer than the first quarter of 2007. However, the region still only represents 2% of the worldwide total.

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