iPhone complaints: bad reception, not waterproof

After the rise comes the fall ? 

Now that many have bought an iPhone 3G, following the massive hype surrounding the new mobile device, the first complaints are coming in.
The Financial Times reports that more and more users are complaining about bad reception and even temporary absence of the signal. 

Meanwhile, Belgian consumers organisation Test-Aankoop has done tests on the Apple iPhone and has found that the device is not waterproof.  Even when exposed to rain, the display can fail, the battery can unload or the device can get overheated.  Main cause is the use of a plastic back cover instead of metal.  The iPhone scored better in the crash tests.
Test-Aankoop also said that the iPhone 3G is a lighter energy consumer than its predecessor.  However, calling with the device is more expensive since a 3G/UMTS subscription is required.
More test results here.

iPhone after the rain

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    • 1eleven
    • July 31st, 2009

    I have always been a fan of apple products but my recent purchase of the iPhone has led me to believe that there is such a thing as over-thinking technology. It has come to my attention that the iPhone is not 100% silent when you turn the “Silent” switch on. If you have an alarm set, that alarm will go off even in silent mode. First of all, if you have a switch that is suppost to turn your phone silent, it should work. Its extremely inconvienent if you are in class or a meeting for their phone to go off. With million of things an iPhone can do, this is a very basic function that should be executable.
    To compensate for this lack in basic feature, I tried setting an alarm through the Calendar function as an event. But once again, the calendar lacks the basic ability to change the sound and duration of the notification for an event. So if you do want the alarm to go off, its a tiny little “blip” noise that doesn’t do too much for notifying you.
    I find this all very ironic since there is an application for just about everything and the iPhone is suppost to “enable” the user in just aboute every possible way.

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