25% of Belgians gives GSM number to advertisers

A quarter of Belgian consumers is willing to give their mobile phone number to advertisers. That remarkable result comes from a study by MediaEdge, who questioned 1.000 Belgian people.

Extrapolating to the Belgian population, that’s about 1,64 million people. Among the 15 to 24 year olds, it’s over 35% that is interested. Dutch speaking are more reluctant to give their number than their French speaking neighbours.

The study however is not just talking about giving your mobile number in exchange for pure advertising messages. The most popular application is the possibility to make bank transactions. About 12% of the people questioned is interested in that.
That is good news for mobile payment providers such as Atos Worldline (with their m-banxafe platform) and Tunz.com. So far, these systems are still waiting for the hoped for success, but they struggle with the problem that not enough merchants are accepting these mobile payment possibilities.

About 7% is willing to receive advertising messages. SMS Coupons are a bit more popular: 9,6%.
Especially young people are interested in reading advertising messages, if they get free call credit or free sms messages in return. This model is already used by Blyk and Pumbby.

MediaEdge concludes that the study proves that the potential of mobile marketing and mobile advertising is bigger than expected.

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