Coca-Cola uses Bluetooth for mobile campaign at Olympics

Coca-Cola launched a mobile marketing campaign at the Olympic games in Beijing, using Bluetooth technology to contact consumers.  The soft drink giant collaborated with Shangai-based advertising agency Pioco, who installed some 1500 hot spots in and around Olympic stadiums and surrounding areas.  All Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone users who entered the hot spots received a request to download an Olympic-themed Coke commercial.  Even though consumers didn’t receive an incentive to respond to this request, the campaign generated 880.489 downloads from Aug. 1–31.

Coca-Cola, an official sponsor of the 2008 Summer Games, employed various media for its Olympic marketing, including television, online and print. According to Steve Chao, co-founder and CEO of Pioco, “the goal was to open up an extra distribution channel for the Coke TV commercials targeting the young generations.” He added that, since most of the stadiums were built around schools, the hotspots enabled Coca-Cola to reach as many students as possible.  Bluetooth was chosen for the campaign in part because of its popularity among Chinese consumers. “China has a 35% Bluetooth penetration,” Chao said.
In addition, Bluetooth is user-friendly. It offers a faster transfer speed than many other mobile formats, giving marketers more options to design compelling content. And downloads don’t cost the consumer a dime.

Source: BtoB


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