MobileWeb launches mobile site VDAB has launched a mobile internet website for the VDAB. This gives the possibility to search a job on your mobile phone, no matter where you are. The site is available for free on every GSM, smartphone, iPhone and Blackberry with WAP function. With this introduction on the mobile internet, the VDAB further extends their services for job searchers.

Job offers on your GSM
The mobile site concentrates on the consultation of job offers. For the moment, the technology allows to search a job in a certain region and to refine it with a keyword. “We have kept it simple to facilitate the surfing.” says Karim El Sayeh, product consultant at VDAB. “We follow the technological innovations closely. In the long term, the possibilities of the mobile website can be extended, but for the moment we give priority to the quality of the service.”

An optimal presentation on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone
Since the VDAB wants to have all offered information available for as many people as possible, the mobile site was modified to be displayed perfectly on the different mobile devices that are available in the market. For this, the VDAB collaborated with, specialist in the development of mobile sites, who optimized the mobile site for GSM, smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry and HTC. The size of the images and the font are automatically adapted to the screen size of the device.

To consult the VDAB database, you can surf with your mobile to, or you can send a free sms with the code “VDAB” to the number 8080. You will then receive a direct link to the mobile site of VDAB.

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