Telegraaf Media believes in Mobile Advertising

After a testing period of 4 months, Telegraaf Media Nederland is starting mobile advertising on the mobile internet sites of De Telegraaf and Sp!ts. Advertisers can buy bannerspace for 40 euro; the banner will be displayed until it has reached 1.000 views. There’s only one banner per page, but it takes up to a third of the screen, to make it is obvious enough.

The test results were very positive. Having one banner on the page didn’t seem to bother the visitors. Even better, the clickthrough rate was similar to the early days of the Internet. Of course this is because it is a new service.

The success rate of the mobile banners in the long term remains to be seen. Ashu Mathura, CEO of MADS, the mobile advertising provider involved, explains: “Mobile advertising is still small in Holland, but it’s gaining popularity because of the iPhone and other smartphones on the market. We expect that within 24 months from now, mobile advertising will be a default part of every marketing campaign.”

The two mobile sites of De Telegraaf have a combined reach of 240.000 unique visitors per month (180.000 for Both sites have a total of 4 million page views per month.

In Belgium today mobile advertising is only available on Vodaphone Live (the mobile portal of Proximus). Orange World (the portal of Mobistar) will launch a similar offering in the near future.

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