Pumbby partners with Mobistar

Mobistar and Pumbby enter into a partnership and launch a joint mobile phone advertising initiative for Mobistar customers. Thanks to this partnership, Mobistar customers can earn some extra euros by subscribing to a service sending them commercial messages they are interested in.

Research has shown that 50% of young people are prepared to receive commercial messages on their mobile phones in exchange for certain benefits. Mobistar therefore launched a promotional initiative with Pumbby to reach these young people. Pumbby offers Mobistar customers a Pumbby subscription to receive commercial messages on their mobiles in exchange for a fee. Subscribing to Pumbby is possible on Orange World, Mobistar’s mobile portal, or the tempomusic.be website. Customers decide themselves which information they want to receive and can unsubscribe at any time. Once customers have subscribed to the service, they receive text messages with a link they can click on to see the commercial message.

Pumbby gives users a fee of 0.44 euros for each commercial message they visit. Because TempoMusic customers only pay 0.25 euros per mobile internet session, their net profit per visited commercial message is at least 0.19 euros. Pumbby sends no more than 10 commercial messages a day. Mobistar postpaid customers can earn some euros with Pumbby if they opt for the Orange World bundle of 6 euros/month. If customers subscribe on Orange World, they can view several commercial messages in one session.

On the Pumbby portal, customers can exchange their obtained credit for Tempo prepaid calling cards, cinema tickets, DVDs, CDs, books … or they can choose to have the amount transferred to their bank account.

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