Mobile Messaging addiction

People are getting more and more addicted to mobile messaging and mobile e-mail. So much so that they put it ahead of their own health, their relationships and the welfare of others.  That’s the conclusion of a study conducted by Osterman Research and commissioned by Neverfail.

The texting and e-mail facilities of our mobile devices have made it possible for us to be connected in an ‘anytime, anywhere’ manner.  On the downside, this has created a pressure for employees to be available, even during non-office hours. The recent economic downfall has only worsened this feeling. This leads to an addictive use of mobile messaging: 94% of respondents said they send sms messages and e-mail with their mobile during nights and weekends.  96% never leaves their phone home when going on holidays. 

The location and timing can lead to taking unnecessary risks: 41% messages in the plane while flying; 77% sends messages while driving a car; 79% when in the bathroom.  Shockingly, 11% admits to mobile messaging while engaged in ‘intimate behavior’. 

Last month, one of America’s worst train crashes was caused by a train engineer who missed a red light due to being busy with text messages.

How about you?  What was the worst time/place for you to send sms & mobile e-mail messages?  Write a comment or vote in our poll.



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