The 5 Amendments of Mobile Marketing

Several applications of are mentioned in a Mobile Marketing report in the biweekly Z.O.Magazine (Oct. 17, 2008).  Part of the article gives the ‘5 amendments’ of Mobile Marketing, in other words: the five essentials if you want to start up a mobile marketing campaign.

1. Make it personal
The mobile phone is a personal device and many attach an emotional value to it.  Integrate it the right way into your strategy.

2. Provide mobile relevance
Through the mobile phone, everyone is available ‘anytime, anywhere’. If your SMS service is relevant for a mobile phone user, then you can make optimal use of this potential.

3. Keep it Simple
With a simple SMS campaign you can reach 90% of the Belgian population.  With a fancy MMS, only 15%.

4. Test, test, test!
Measure the results from the beginning, keep a strict follow-up and add improvements during the process until an optimal result is reached.

5. Follow the GOF Guidelines
A strict respect for the GOF Guidelines (made by the mobile operators, concerning opt-in subscription, etc.) is essential to build up a good reputation towards the client.

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