Mobile Marketing: GO GO GO !

The November issue of Inside magazine has an interesting editorial on Mobile Marketing.

Let’s have a look at a few highlights.

The context:

– The penetration of the Mobile Internet is low in Belgium due to :

  • high mobile data tariffs
  • old mobile devices in the market (see also our article about combined sales)

– False prejudices about the assumed lack of intrest from different target groups

Why is Mobile growing out as a real marketing tool?

– First effect on pricing with the arrival of iPhone and other smartphones with internet browser

  • In short term new data subscription with lower pricing

– Target group

  • 26,5% of the population are ready to give their GSM-number to advertisers vs different activities (bank, receive information, meet people or sport information,…)
  • 35% of target group between 15 and 24 years old is the most accepting

– “The acceptation rate of mobile marketing is much higher than specialised observers tend to think. At least sufficient to believe that this new medium has an enormous communication potential.”

Main conclusion:

– “It is obvious that agencies/advertisers now have all reason to rapidly integrate the mobile into their marketing plan.”

Read the full article in this month’s Inside magazine.

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