Saved by iPhone Fake Calls

Last month (Oct 22nd), Steve Jobs announced that the Apple App Store has passed the mark of 200 million downloads.  The App Store, which was launched only 100 days earlier, offers free and paying applications for the Apple iPhone.  With over 10 million iPhones 3G sold this year, that’s about 20 apps per iPhone user on average.

Among the apps are some serious, some handy and also some fun applications.  The app ‘Fake Calls’ definitely falls in that last category.  This allows you to program a fake call on your iPhone.  In the settings, you can choose the name and number of the fictitious person who calls you and the time when the phone should start ringing.  This comes in very handy when this ennoying colleague keeps you up too long at the coffee machine or when you want to get out of that boring meeting.  As you can see in the video below, you can even have Steve Jobs himself call you!

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