Japanese mobiles to offer psychotherapy sessions

A Japanese professor on Wednesday launched what he said was the world’s first web-based psychotherapy sessions available via mobile phone, as the country grapples with a growing problem of depression.

The interactive service offers cognitive therapy sessions that identify a person’s level of depression by asking questions about his or her sleeping and eating habits, weight change, and emotional well-being.

Using their mobile phones — which are also widely substituted in Japan as wallets, train tickets, books, and television — people can easily access the service.

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  1. Just want to point out first that the original AFP article has errors such as saying the “The interactive service offers cognitive therapy session” (a psychotherapy session takes place in person between a client and therapist; and the recognized and widely used word for Depression in Japanese is Utsubyou and not the misnomer wrongly translated as “the heart flu”), whereas the Telegraph article is far more accurate and better researched:


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