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2 million Dutchmen surf the mobile internet

In the Netherlands, two million mobile phone users regularly use the mobile internet.   3 out of 4 surfs and mails with a flat fee mobile subscription.  These figures come from a study by the platform Open Mobiel Internet (OMI).

The amount of mobile surfers has risen with 25% in half a year time, going from 1,6 million to 2 million between June and December 2008.  Most users are between 18 and 35 years old. 
In Holland, there circulate 2 million UMTS-enabled mobile devices and 4 million GPRS devices.  There are about 1,45 million flat fee subscriptions.


Blyk comes to Belgium in January

In July, we reported about Blyk’s intention to come to Belgium.  The new mobile network, targeted at teenagers between 16 and 24 years, has now announced that it will launch on the Belgian market in January 2009.   The Netherlands will follow in February or March.

Blyk uses a new business model, offering free sms and call credits in exchange for mobile advertising messages.  The advertisements are adapted to the profile of the user, which he or she defines when registering for the service.    This way, you receive, for example, an ad for the new cd of your favorite artist or for a new energy drink.

Blyk will be a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) using the Mobistar network.

UPDATE: As you can read in the comment below, Blyk informs us that the January launch date is NOT correct.


2009 will be difficult for mobile phone producers

The economic crisis will have its effect on the market of mobile phones.  Producers of mobile devices are expecting a serious fallback in 2009.  Market leader Nokia is counting on a decrease of 5% compared to 2008.  That’s more than the 1 to 4% predicted by the American research company Gartner. 
Other producers such as RIM (Blackberry) and LG have also been giving warnings about upcoming sale drops.

Web Goes Mobile seminar 2008: video interviews

Our partner AWT has made some great footage and video interviews at our Web Goes Mobile seminar 2008.  Check out the videos below.

Seminar overview:

Interview Danny Lein (

Interview Marc Vanlerberghe (Google):

Interview Peter Vandermeersch (De Standaard):

Interview Paul Golding:

Interview Nanno Palte (InSites Consulting):

Netlog launches mobile application for iPhone

Social networking platform Netlog has launched an application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. Members can download the Netlog application onto their iPhone or iPod Touch to keep in touch with their network of friends wherever they go. The application allows them to connect with new people, send and receive messages, check and sign guestbooks and update their shouts.

By using the built-in GPS location capability of the iPhone, users can give their precise geographical details whenever they update their status. Users are also able to upload pictures from their devices onto Netlog. “Since Apple launched the iPhone, consumers have become very interested in possibilities of the mobile web. Providing them with a Netlog application – our first ever native mobile application – was the next step, so we are very happy that the application met with Apple’s rigorous standards,” said Lorenz Bogaert, CEO of Netlog.

He continued: “Our aim was to combine the strength and popularity of the Netlog platform with the flexibility of the iPhone and iPod Touch. This takes us fully into the mobile age, and opens up the network to a wider range of on-the-go opportunities.”

The application can be downloaded for

free from the iTunes store or from the Netlog website. 
It is currently already at no. 5 in the iTunes download chart!


1 million French buy via mobile


About 1 million French purchase via their mobile phone, which is 3 % of the population. The penetration rate of the mobile is at 90 %, but m-commerce suffers from the limited use of the mobile web, frequented by 20 % of the  French aged between 16 and 60 years.

WGM seminar covered by forum4editors

We’re glad to see that the Web Goes Mobile seminar was covered on forum4editors.

Check out their site for following articles:
Mobile strategy: from mass to tailor-made advertising (interview Peter Vandermeersch)
From Mobile 1.0 to Mobile 2.0 (interview Paul Golding)
What people need to commit to mobile internet (interview Nanno Palte)

They’ve also done some video interviews at the event:

Interview Peter Vandermeersch

Interview Paul Golding

Interview Danny Lein

Interview u-centric