More mobile phone sales, increasing use

The sales of mobile phones, which had been suffering from the economical crisis in the past months, has increased again in the end of year holiday period.  In December, there was an increase of 20% compared to last year.

Since mid November, Fnac has seen 20% more mobile phone sales.  The Phone House sold 40% more GSMs.  And the shops of Proximus and Base saw an increase of 10 to 30%.

The availability of ever more smartphones with touch screens and multiple functionalities did not only stimulate the sales of mobile devices, but also increase the average price.

Meanwhile, a new Gartner study has shown that the use of mobile device continues to increase.  By 2011, the mobile subscriptions should have toppled the amount of fixed lines.  It predicts that by 2012, 23% of professionals will only be accessible on a mobile phone, compared to 4% now.  Again, the smartphones are the driver for this evolution.

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