French operators fight sms spam

The mobile operators in France, together with the service providers, have launched the sms shortcode 33700, which consumers can use to report abusive SMS messages.

When someone receives a premium text message (basically a SMS he has to pay for) without having given permission to the sender, he can forward the message to 33700.  This way, operators are quickly informed about potential issues, so they can analyse them and, if needed, take action.

The new shortcode is supported by the website, which informs consumers about spam and the ways to fight it.

This kind of service is not yet available in Belgium, but operators and service providers are working together to make sure all mobile services comply with the GOF Guidelines.

33700 spam sms france

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  1. I recently came across this site and I am glad I did. I got a text message from some short code and it said I could get me some free ringtones and wallpaper. I started looking for some info on it and I found this blog complaint board. I almost did it until I saw this. It showed that some guy had a huge problem with them and they spammed his phone. If you don’t know what the code is then check it out from people that used it at this site. Its

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