Obama proves success of mobile marketing

Obama 2008

At his inaugeration yesterday, US president Barack Obama promised Change.  One change that he has already implemented since the start of his election campaign is his embrace of modern technology, in particular the Internet and Mobile Marketing.

We already reported on this blog before how he successfully incorporated SMS Alerts and a Mobile Internet site into his campaign.  In the past few weeks, it was often reported in the press how Obama refused to give up his Blackberry, because the device gives him so much flexibility. 
Even after his election, the use of mobile marketing remained.  Supporters could receive information on inaugerational events by text message.  The mobile site offers many options and a separate application offers iPhone users one-button access to campaign information, volunteer, and donate time or money, among other things. 
The name of the vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden was first announced by SMS to more than 2.9 million mobile subscribers, which makes it the largest mobile marketing campaign to date.

While in the past year many companies realised the opportunities offered by mobile marketing, there was still a lot of scepticism in the market.  Obama could give a serious boost to the industry.   His campaign has already proven the wide variety of possibilities that are offered by mobile services. 

Compared to more traditional direkt marketing channels, such as e-mail marketing, mobile marketing represents an immediate call to action – avoiding the need to boot up a PC and often even eliminating the need for log-ins or other impediments to successful engagement. 
Mobile also represents a personal, nearly instant, way to reach people since most people carry their phone with them all the time, and consider it an integral part of their daily lives.

Obama’s mobile strategy combined text messaging with an easy to use mobile site supported by mobile banners.  Given its high success rate, we should see more similar campaigns in the business world in the weeks and months to come.  If the president of the United States shows that mobile marketing works, that sure is the best prove for the industry.

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