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Apple gets patent on touch screen

Apple has received a patent on the specific touch screen technology, used by its iPhone and iPod.  The touches of the users’ finger is converted to specific queries.  This is now detailed into the Apple patent.    The description mentions 25 inventors, among which also Steve Jobs.

The patent will be important to fight off competition, who often uses the same technology with less precision.


25 million monthly mobile users on Facebook

According to CEO Mark Zuckerber, the social networking website Facebook now counts 25 million mobile users per month.  In November, he announced that the amount has risen from 5 to 15 million since early 2008.

Unofficial stats say there are daily about 4 million users logging on with their mobile.  1,64 million uses an iPhone to connect, while 1,56 million has a Blackberry.

Mobile is poised to be the largest growth area for most social networks over the next few years as more users turn to their mobile devices for interactive content.


8 mobile technologies to follow

Research firm Gartner sees an important role for the following 8 mobile technologies in the further development of the mobile market.

1. Bluetooth 3.0
Bluetooth 3.0 will be introduced this year but won’t be integrated into devices until 2010.  Advantages include the  ‘ultra-low-power mode’,  allowing sensors to use this technology.

2. Mobile user interface
Gartner expects manufacturers to differentiate from each other by building in user friendly interfaces.  But different interfaces won’t facilitate the development of mobile applications.

3. Location sensitive
Mobile applications can become more useful when they can ‘sense’ the location of the user.

4. 802.11n
This new wifi protocol will play an important role, delivering faster data transfer and better coverage.  New access points, new interfaces and new backbones will be necessary but the dream of the ‘all wireless office’ comes closer.

5. Display technology
New types of displays will arrive, both passive (e-Books) and active.

6. Mobile web & widgets
The mobile web and its widgets are a cheap way to allow certain applications on mobiledevices.

7. Mobile broadband networks
Mobile broadband will gain (even more) importance. HSPA can be an important add-on or even replacement of wifi hotspots.

8. Near field communication (NFC)
NFC allows mobile devices to communicate with other devices over a distance of a few centimeters.  This can allow services such as mobile payment, mobile vouchers and the exchange of pictures.

Mozilla pleads for open Mobile Internet

Mark Surman, CEO of the Mozilla Foundation, has visited the Fosdemfair in Brussels, where he discussed the future of free software.  He sees a revolutionary role for the Mobile Internet.  “What we certainly must do, is make sure we have a free and integrated mobile internet.  We should focus on an open mobile ecosystem.”

Read more in this interview with ZDnet.

Mobile campaign for recycling in London

To encourage people to recycle, the city of London is rolling out a mobile campaign called Recycle for London.  The campaign includes a mobile game, which can be downloaded on a mobile site

The game challenges the user to starve their hungry ‘evil bin’ by catching all recyclable materials in a green recycling box. Players score points for every item caught, but if the evil bin eats three items which should be recycled, it’s game over.

The game has been built as a Java application. By texting BIN to 62967, players receive a link to a mobile Internet site where they can download the game, ringtones, wallpaper and a  30-second ad. iPhone users can download the game from the Apple Store. The iPhone version uses the handset’s gyroscope: by tilting the phone left and right, the player moves the bin left and right. All users can forward the game to friends.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and Chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board: “I am very excited that the new Recycle for London campaign is using innovative technologies to boost recycling and my message is to starve your bins and recycle, recycle, recycle.”


French operators working on Mobile Internet measuring tool

With the Mobile Internet gaining importance, mobile advertising is prospected to become an interesting source of revenue.  But no advertising on a medium that can’t prove its effectiveness with decent numbers and figures.

For this reason, the 3 French operators SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange are collaborating together on the development of a measuring tool which should allow to better track the audience of mobile internet sites.   Each operator will invest one million euro in the development. The launch is expected by the end of the year.

Source: JournalDuNet

MobileWeb further builds its team, Belgian provider of SMS, MMS and Mobile Internet services, has further enlarged its team with two new members. Herwig Copmans (Key Account Manager) and Kevin Van Passel (Project Manager), both with a senior profile, will add their elaborate experience to the MobileWeb sales team.

Herwig Copmans – Key Account Manager
Herwig Copmans has a very interesting experience of 20 years in key account management for companies like British Telecom, Xerox and Cap Gemini. For the past two years, he was leading the Benelux sales team of software integrator Amadeus. During this period, he received the Sales Champion Award 2007 in Lapland. Herwig will be responsible for large accounts of and add new clients to the portfolio.

Kevin Van Passel – Project Manager
Kevin Van Passel has an extended experience in the implementation of telecommunication projects. As a pre-sales adviser and technical consultant, he first worked for Voxtron, provider of IVR software. Later, he was technical consultant in the service delivery department of Fujitsu Siemens Computers. Kevin also coordinated several innovative mobile projects, such as i-visit and i-sports. As Project Manager at MobileWeb, he will be in charge of project implementation and pre-sales support., mobile solutions provider in full expansion has grown out as one of the top players on the Belgian mobile market. One of their innovative solutions was recently awarded at the Mobistar Innovation Awards.
Danny Lein, Managing Director of “2008 was an important year for us. With the mobile internet sites for Corelio, including the popular De Standaard Mobile, we have further positioned ourselves as Mobile Internet specialist. This allowed us to add several major clients to our portfolio. To continue our high professional service level we needed to further extend our team. I’m sure that the addition of Herwig and Kevin to the team will give our business a serious boost!”

Order your Subway sandwich by SMS

The American sandwich chain Subway has launched Subway Now, a new mobile service which allows  consumers in the New York City region to order their sandwich by text message.

Customers must first register on the Subway Now website and enter their credit card information and a list of favourite sandwiches.  Once registered, they can order by SMS and Subway replies with a confirmation and the pickup time.  However, Subway doesn’t work with home delivery, so the consumer still has to go to the shop to pick up his sandwich.  Since the sandwich is already paid for, he won’t have to queue at the counter though.