MobileWeb develops MySMS service for Proximus has developed MySMS, a new service for Proximus customers, allowing to send a SMS message to a group of recipients.

There are plenty of situations in which it is useful to be able to contact a group of people
Think of:
– A businessman informing his colleagues that he will be late for a meeting
– A soccer trainer informing the team members that the training will start an hour later
– A school teacher informing parents about a school trip

MySMS allows you to create a new group, invite people to join and send messages to the members. 
Or you can join an existing group and receive all messages from the organiser of the group. 
An extended list of commands allows to subscribe/unsubscribe from a group, to get informed on which groups you own or to which groups you belong, etc.

Read more about MySMS on the Proximus website: NL / FR
or watch the video demo below.


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