Mobile in Belgium is expensive

Calling with the mobile phone is expensive in Belgium.  According to a study by the European Commission, the prices in our country are a lot higher than the European average.  Although prices have slightly dropped last year, the average GSM user in Belgium pays 26,26 euro per month.  In Europe that average is only at 19,49 euro.

Because of this, the Belgian consumer is less tented to buy a new mobile phone.  With a GSM penetration of 102%, Belgium is way below the European level of 119%.  Because of this, we lag behind for several mobile technologies and services.  The use of Mobile Internet, for example, is at a mere 3,5% in Belgium.

According to Viviane Reding, the solution lies in increasing the competition on the Belgian market.  She believes a 4th mobile operator would be a good idea.  And Telenet has already shown interest in that.


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    • Fred
    • April 8th, 2009

    I really don’t believe introducing a 4th operator on a little market such as Belgium would do any good for the consumer. Whether they are 3 or 4, they can still agree between themselves about the lowest acceptable rates – 4 is still an oligopoly.

    No, the issues are elsewhere according to me :
    – total lack of creativity regarding mobile-based services from our operators. They are still on that old stupid model of ringtones and SMS based services, a crappy wap portal… This is so sad and such a waste of resource. Instead of developing showcases like mobile TV which nobody is interested in, they’d better understand the shift of trends and directions taking place right now in the telecom area.
    – very expensive mobile Internet rates, slowing down the adoption and usage of smartphones or other communicating devices
    – impossible for operators to create bundles with (sponsored) phones – this makes so that the GSM population in Belgium remains old and does not accelerate the development and adoption of new mobile services. THIS LAW MUST BE CHANGED !!!

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