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Drive a car with your iPhone

Over the past months we’ve seen many funny, interesting and even bizarre iPhone applications emerge.    This one however is very particular.  Rinspeed, a Swiss company specialised  in car design, has presented a car that can be driven with an iPhone.  Just put the smartphone in the build-in dock station in the dashboard and start the car by pushing the big green button on the screen.   The button replaces the key and starts the electronic system of the car.  Other electronic functionalities, such as turning on the headlights, are also integrated into the mobile device.  The iChange car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show.   Check Network World for a slideshow of the iChange.



KLM introduces mobile boarding pass

Dutch airline company KLM is introducing a boarding pass by SMS or MMS.  For the past 6 months, tests were done on flights between Amsterdam and Paris.  Starting March 10th, it will be possible on nearly every European flight to use a PDA or smartphone at the check-in.

Passengers have to check in on the Internet. They then receive a barcode on their mobile device, which is scanned at the airport. Combined with a valid passport, this code gives access to the airplane.  Mobile devices that accept MMS can receive the code as an image.  Smartphones such as the iPhone and Blackberry, can get the code in their e-mail. 


Italian bishop bans SMS during fasting

Last year, Pope Benedict XVI surprised us when he sent spiritual SMS messages to the young participants of the World Youth Day in Sydney.

But just when we thought the Catholic church was embracing modern technology, an Italian bishop has called upon people to ban SMS during the Lent, the 40 day period of fasting before Easter.  He asked his parishioners to abstain from sending text messages on the 4 Fridays before Easter to allow a moment to escape from the virtual world and to obtain an ‘interior serenity’.  Other bishops were inspired by the action and followed the example.

Italy comes second in the list of European countries with the most consumers of SMS, behind the UK.

MobileWeb develops MySMS service for Proximus has developed MySMS, a new service for Proximus customers, allowing to send a SMS message to a group of recipients.

There are plenty of situations in which it is useful to be able to contact a group of people
Think of:
– A businessman informing his colleagues that he will be late for a meeting
– A soccer trainer informing the team members that the training will start an hour later
– A school teacher informing parents about a school trip

MySMS allows you to create a new group, invite people to join and send messages to the members. 
Or you can join an existing group and receive all messages from the organiser of the group. 
An extended list of commands allows to subscribe/unsubscribe from a group, to get informed on which groups you own or to which groups you belong, etc.

Read more about MySMS on the Proximus website: NL / FR
or watch the video demo below.


Yahoo launches personalized mobile web portal

Later this month, web giant Yahoo! will launch its new Yahoo Mobile service, allowing a personalized mobile starting point to the web. 

Key components include Yahoo oneSearch, Yahoo oneConnect (providing access to email, messaging, contacts and social networking sites), Yahoo News and Yahoo onePlace, which enables users to access and manage preferred content from a single location.   A smartphone-optimized version will include several additional services.

Read the full press release here