Voicemail: the end is near

“Didn’t you hear my voicemail message?!”
I’m sure you have asked this question before, after noticing that your communication partner didn’t reply to the message you left on his voicemail.  These days, people don’t take the time to listen to their voicemail anymore.  They’ll reply much faster when you send them a sms message or call them back later. 
With modern messaging technologies, it looks like the days of the classic voicemail are numbered.

Several mobile services are offering a good laternative.  One of them is Google Voice, which translates a voicemail message into text and sends it to a specified e-mail address.  The text message can also be shared among other Google Voice users.  Google Voice will soon be launched on the US market.

A similar service Visual Voicemail, made for smartphones such as iPhone and Blackberry Storm, lists the voicemail messages in a visual inbox, where the users can select and listen to each message in random order. Much more similar to the e-mail interface.

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  1. When working at Proximus in the “Interactive team” (6 years ago), i proposed a service like Google Voice. I’ve always believed it is a good idea and i’m sure this service will take off. More generally, I believe MNO’s are not taking enough advantage of the last USP they’ll have: the network. I really believe in NaaS (Network as a Service): opening network APIs in order for developers to create innovative and useful applications using network features such as voice mail, location (history), “cloud services”…

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