Belgian ban on combined sales judged illegal by Europe

Might Belgium finally be getting rid of the ban on combined sales?
The European Court has judged this ban is not conform the European legislation and should be lifted.

As we’ve argued many times before, allowing combined sales would open up a lot of marketing opportunities.

The ban that exists in Belgium has come under pressure recently after the expensive introduction of the Apple iPhone.  The popular mobile device costs 525,- Euro in a Mobistar store, while in other countries it’s offered for a few euros or even for free if combined with a mobile subscription.  In Belgium this combination is not possible.

However, there were several examples of promo offerings that existed in a grey zone.  Just think of Cardoen, who recently offered a cheap car for free if you bought an expensive car. 
Total also had a campaign, offering free car trouble assistance if you bought a certain amount of petrol.  Organisation for automobile users VAB brought this campaign to European Court, argumenting it’s a form of combined sales.
Europe has now ruled that the campaign should be allowed, because the ban on combined sales is against European legislation.
This opens the door to Belgian legislation to abolish this ban, something that has not only been argued on this blog, but also by minister Vincent Van Quickenborne.  He has reacted positively after the decision of the Court and plans to ban the ban by law.

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